Educational Diagnostic Testing

Educational Diagnostic Testing in Genesee County, Michigan

Do you often wonder if your child has a learning disability? Are there times when you feel guilty because no matter how hard your student tries, he or she still seems to struggle academically? If so, we highly recommend that you have Educational Diagnostic Testing done. At Open World Reading Center in Flint Township, Michigan we offer this life altering testing for an affordable rate so that you can get the answers that you so desperately need to help your child succeed. Once the results are in, we will be work with you to come up with a plan that will make it easier for your student to comprehend and learn new things. We will help you find out the answers to the questions and concerns that you have had about your child, but have been too afraid to ask.

Knowing the issues that your student is struggling with is the key to helping them overcome the challenges that they face academically. Learning disabilities no longer mean that your child has to struggle to learn for his or her entire life. With the proper tutoring and tools, they will be right on pace with their peers. You will see measurable changes and improvements in your child once they begin attending sessions at Open World Reading Center.